Preliminary Grade- Piano for Leisure Series 3

Prelude, J.C. Bach 

March of the Goblins, Berlin, B.

The Japanese Koto, Goldston, C.

The Mischievous Basketball, Kotchie, J.

Butcher Boy, RagLadd, I.

The good, the bad and the ugly, Morricone, E. arr. Milne.

Aria, Mozart, W. arr. Bastien 

Sherlock Holmes,  Schonmehl, M.

Driving Range,  Norton, C.

Beginner's, BluesStorer, S.

Hen-house hoe-down, Trynes, J.


Piano for Leisure Preliminary Grade - Series 4

March of the Toreadors, Bizet 

Saxophone Blues, Bober  

Bourree, Couppey  

Three plus two, Dornan  

The singing Soiux, Gillock 

Moonlight variation , Gurlit  

March of the cubs, Hutchens 

Just jazzin, Kotchie 

Winter's Day, Mcfarlene  

Square-o, Milne  

Full of confidence, Norton

Waltzing Matilda, Hodgson

GRADE 1- Piano for Leisure Series 3

Toreador Song Bizet, G. arr. Hall 

Lonesome Blues,  Chua, S.  

Im a Believer Diamond, M. arr. Milne  

Praeludium harpeggiato,  Fischer, J.  

Hot Chilli Rock, Gibson, M., Stravrinoudis, J. and Baker, S.  

Boogie Blues, Hicks-ward, K.   

Close Every Door To Me, Lloyd-Webber, A. arr. Washtell  

Plaisir d'amour Martini, G. arr. Alexander 

Animal Chit Chat,  Rollin, C.  

Russian Dance Tchaikovsky, P. arr. Bastien  

GRADE 1- Piano for Leisure Series 4

Going Baroque, Austin, G.

Jive Turkey,  Chua, S.

Trumpet Tune,  Clarke, J. attrib. Purcell, H. arr. Hall.

Dance of the Gnomes, Costley, K. 

Warm Starry Nights, Duro, S.

Dudes Keep Struttin, 'Hammond, H.

Prayer, Hannan, M.

Sea Bird, Norton, C.

A Wild Chase, Rossi, W.-A. 

Overture, Rossini, G. arr. Howell. 

In Dreams, Shore, H. arr. Hodgson.

La Donna E Mobile, Verdi, G. arr. Hodgson. 

GRADE 2 - Piano for Leisure Series 3

Dancing Queen Andersson, B., Ulvaeus, B. and Anderson, S. arr. Wedgewood 

Bass Rules, Bailey, K.  

Feline Boogie, Cornick, M. 

Pomp and Circumstance elgar, E. arr. Lanning  

Kinabalu Sunrise, Gibson, M.  

Easy Does, ItKern, F. 

Cleaning Day, RagLadd, I.  

DeadlineMilne, E.  

Blue MonkMonk, T. arr. Wedgwood 

Raider's marchWilliams, J. arr. Coates  

Hedwig's ThemeWilliams, J. arr. Faber and Faber  

GRADE 2 - Piano for Leisure Series 4

WhateverBullard, J.

Greased Lightnin', Casey, W.

Mayfly, Fly, L.

On the Champs-ElyseesGillock, W.

Polka, Glinka, M.I. 

Microwaltz, Johnston, P.

Secret Agent,  Joutras, P.

The Castle Ball, Loeschhorn, C.a.

Mad World, Orzabel, R. arr. Bolton.

Spider's Web, Rea, G.

Boogie Woogie Rock, Springer, M.

The Stowaway, Wilson, S.

GRADE 3- Piano for Leisure Series 3

Havanna nights Birch, SW  

Chanson bohemeBizet, G. arr.Lanning 

Flower duet Delibes,L. arr.Gerou 

DesperadoHenley, D and Frey,G. arr. Coates

Here,there and everywhereLennon, J and Mccartney,P. arr. Baker 

Jelly bean ragMier, M 

Flying beesMoser,J  

Theme and variationMozart, W

ThemeMozart,W. arr.Faber and Faber 

Lullaby of BirdlandShearing,G arr. Wedgwood 

Theme from Jurrasic Park Williams,J. arr.Faber and Faber 

GRADE 3- Piano for Leisure Series 4

Toccata Ritmico, Alexander, D. 

I Still Call Australia Home Allen, P. arr. Coates. 

TwilightArnold, G.

Midnight Ride Bober, M.

Misty Garner, E. arr. Matz.

The Little Would-be Man, Grechaninov, A.

Spanish Dance, Miller, C.

Song of Twilight, Nakada, Y.

Nashville Rag, Rollin, C.

I Dreamed a Dream, Schonberg, C.-M. arr. Wedgwood.

Morning Prayer, Tchaikovsky, P.I. 

Buckaroo, Wedgwood, O.

GRADE 4 - Piano for Leisure Series 3

Toccata spirito Alexander, D

Over the rainbow Arlen,H. arr. Faber and Faber


Let's call the whole thing off Gershwin,G. arr.Martin 

SolaceJoplin,S. arr.Faber and Faber 

Emily's Etude Matthews,M. 

Ragtime on the typewriter Podgornov,N

Oh! Mio babbino caroPuccini,G. arr. Lanning  

Midday on the Champs-ElyseesRocherolle,E 

Song for a penny Sculthorpe,P 

Tequila sunrise Wedgwood,P  

GRADE 5 - Piano for Leisure Series 3

DiversionBennet, R  

EtudeBertini, H 

Great Melborough street ragCornick,M 

PassacailleHandel, G 

Gabriel's oboeMorricone, E arr Keveren 

AllegroMozart, W 

ScampNorton, C 

O FortunaOrff, C arr Regner

Father themeSilverstri, A arr Keveren

The blue gardeniaWilcher, P 

Stranger in paradiseWright, R and Forrest, G arr Ornadel  

GRADE 6 - Piano for Leisure Series 3

DreamyBonsor, B

Hungarian danceBrahms, J arr Ultrich

Tango romanctioBrown, T

PreludeChopin, F

Death by pastaChua, S 

Dizzy fingersConfrey, Z

PromenadeGershwin, G 

AndanteMozart, W arr Ullrich

All creatures great and smallPearson, J

Carillon of SachaPollard, M 

Go tell it on the moutainsTraditional arr Hoffmann 

Danny boyTraditional arr Booth


GRADE 7 - Piano for Leisure Series 3

TangoAlbeniz, I

Struttin' it arroundChua, S

Golliwogg's cake-walkDebussy, C

A cloudy walkHoffmann, R

Lawrence of ArabiaJarre, M

Root beer ragJoel, B

All I ask of youLloyd Webber, A arr Grama 

TarantellaPieczonka, a

NovelettePoulenc, F